Tum bhi chalo hum bhi chalen – Zameer (1975)

To offer an antidote in the present situation, here is an inspirational, philosophical and an extremely hummable number with a great vibe! Sahir Ludhianvi’s words urge you to keep moving on while Sapan Chakraborty’s tune rides seamlessly on them. Vibrato-laced vocals from Kishore Kumar bring out the depth and the feel of the number further. As a bonus, here is my karaoke cover version of the track – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SseZBGz86wg. Hope you like it!

Tum bhi chalo hum bhi chalen
Chalti rahe zindagi
Na zameen manzil na aasmaan
Zindagi hai zindagi

Peechhe dekhen na kabhi mudke raahon mein ho
Jhoome mera dil tumhe leke baahon mein ho
Dhadkon ki jubaan nit kahe daastan
Pyaar ki jhilmil chhaon mein
Palti rahe zindagi…

Behten chale hum masti ke dhaaron mein ho
Goonje yehi dhun sadaa dil ke taaron mein ho
Ab ruke na kahin pyar ka karwaan
Nit nayi rut ke rang mein
Dhalti rahe zindagi…

The much lesser known but multi-faceted Bengali singer-cum-composer, Sapan Chakraborty, was an assistant to the legendary RD Burman (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sapan_Chakraborty). He composed this number on raag Kirwani which is essentially supposed to be sung at mid-night! On first listen, it seems like an easy song to sing but has some minor intricacies which one needs to get right to make it sound soulful. The range in the antara takes one to the higher octave and with the multiple notes on the ‘ho’ in the second line it comes down to the lower octave before settling into the middle (and the more comfortable) octave! Instrumentally speaking, the long-ish guitar riff beautifully opens the number with Kishore’s effective/bassy humming added; then continues hand-in-hand with the vocals with the keyboard joining in and with a simplistic percussion pattern throughout. The talented and much-celebrated ‘Main pal do pal ka shaayar hoon’-fame word-smith, Sahir Ludhianvi (real name Abdul Hayee; source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sahir_Ludhianvi), leaves a lasting impression with his philosophical words. This popular retro song had another version in the film – a happy and relatively racy duet where Kishore did the honours with Asha Bhosle. This is the sad version and the more philosophical one! Another Zameer song that became quite popular was the Kishore Kumar sung Zindagi hansne gaane ke liye hai pal do pal. In Sahir’s words from this song, I would like to end by saying Pyaar ki jhilmil chhaon mein palti rahe zindagi…cheers to that!!

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