Corona singles – Go Corona Go (Ameya); Pyar Karona (Salman Khan; Sajid-Wajid); Corona – The viral song (Euphoria); Hoga na Corona (Dhinchak Pooja) – April 2020

It is about Coronavirus! Amongst so many YouTube singles, presenting an enviable selection of 4 new satirical singles with credits ranging from the talented Ameya, starry Salman Khan with Sajid-Wajid, the popular Euphoria and last but not the least, Dhinchak Pooja! Listen/Read on…

Go Corona Go (Ameya):
A true satire on the present situation, Go Corona Go starts off beautifully with the some oft-heard advice fading off, then focuses on everyone’s day-to-day plight and is preachy and funny at the same time! The punchy, ‘hinglish’, superbly simple and rhyming lyrics has interesting use of Punjabi words like bhaande! Abhishek Sharma’s vocals are on point and the use of harmonies is at the right points and enhance the value, raciness and folkish feel of the composition. Go Corona Go guitar strum (0.17s onwards) and opening vocals sound similar to Pyaar zindagi pyaar har khushi pyaar jisne paaya hai from AR Rahman’s Kay Sera Sera (Pukar; 2000; 1.22s onwards; Have said that, the leitmotif is extremely catchy and one tends to get hooked on to it. Ameya’s composition is extremely catchy and hummable. Most importantly, it speaks our language and gives us hope! Go Ameya Go!! 🙂


Pyar Karona (Salman Khan; Sajid-Wajid):
Salman’s protégé music director duo Sajid-Wajid create a simplistic but hummable composition for him. Lyrics-wise (Salman and Hussain Dalal), there’s interesting word play urging karo na and asking to refrain with karo na while the rap part is preachy but true. The number ends with Sare jahaan se achha hindustan hamaara and the piano riffs sound serene! Sajid-Wajid use minimal but heart-warming instrumentation that bring out and make Salman’s vocals shine. A great line among many others is apne ko na hoga is galafehmi mein mat raho na which happens to be absolutely true. Overall, there are some really good messages and Salman makes it a point they get conveyed in a quiet but stern and a ‘fatherly’ fashion! Please suno na and adhere to all this!


Corona – The viral song (Euphoria):
Euphoria is back! Written (with Prem Nikaju) and composed by the band lead, Palash Sen, this is a funny take on the disease and the existing situation! With a folkish background, some may find it downright funny but some may also find it ridiculously cheap in parts! Unfortunately, the same can be said for the lyrics too. The cacophony has pieces of Chinese and Bengali undertones (in bad taste methinks) and even has the voice and clips of someone like Jackie Shroff appearing twice briefly. It may not have the capability to be a ‘viral song’ so you will be better off not getting this virus! This one seems like a forced one and quite unbecoming of someone of the stature of Euphoria and Palash Sen. The number may just have short-term entertainment value and that’s where it ends and should end. Suggest skipping this one!


Hoga na Corona (Dhinchak Pooja):
This one is the shortest of them all. A weird but Dhinchak Pooja-ish start takes you into the heavy and bassy percussion, off-beat vocals and partly bits-and-pieces and force-fitted rhyming and partly preachy lyrics. Unless you want to keep yourself entertained and have a lot of time at hand, you are better off giving this a pass. Hoga na sunna…sorry!

Pick of the lot: Go Corona Go (Ameya)

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5 Responses to Corona singles – Go Corona Go (Ameya); Pyar Karona (Salman Khan; Sajid-Wajid); Corona – The viral song (Euphoria); Hoga na Corona (Dhinchak Pooja) – April 2020

  1. Abhishek Bhardwaj says:

    Thanks Shaily sir for covering our single!

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  2. Rajat says:

    Fantastic reviews sir!

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  3. Ameya’s composition is the best one do far if you ask me, it’s extremely catchy and fun! Seriously mind blending! Great work guys👍

    Liked by 1 person

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