Jwalamukhi Bezubaan – 99 Songs (2020)

It ain’t about Coronavirus…promise! *Jwalamukhi bezubaan* has a similar connotation though. The *AR Rahman* composition worded by *Navneet Virk* is rendered passionately by *Poorvi Koutish*, an Indian Idol 6 contestant, ably supported by *Shashwat Singh*. Also has a male version sung by *Arijit Singh*.

Pyaar waalo ka ye intehaan
Hai inaam-E-Ishq meri jaan
Jaaya haseen hai tere bin
Bebasi mein jal rahi

Jwalamukhi bezubaan
Jwalamukhi meharbaan
Jwalamukhi bezubaan
Jwalamukhi meharbaan

Jaanu main na jaanu main
Teri kami pahchaanun main
Kyun bahte ujaale hairaan hoon main
Kyun failey andhere hai baahon mein

Tu jaan le, hoon jaan le
Tu jaan le nasheele hain dard judaaiyon ke

Jwalamukhi bezubaan
Jwalamukhi meharbaan
Jwalamukhi bezubaan
Jwalamukhi meharbaan

It’s exciting to have AR Rahman come up with his first-ever home production, 99 Songs, and specifically with this number. The stereo-effect laden techno beats melt into Poorvi Koutish’s powerful and passionate vocals. She just takes over this Jwalamukhi like taking a bull by its horns! As you go through the number, you are just going to be in awe of her superb vocals even when it is a bit sensuous and not as full of energy. Shashwat Singh  gets to croon (not featured in this Youtube link) in an excitingly high pitch to start with and then meanders all over the place making the most of the opportunity! ARR uses his trademark chorus style, harmonies and chord change to great effect. You will notice some hangover from ARR’s own Chandralekha from the Tamil movie Thiruda Thiruda (1993; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj_18hXo5G0). At some point (1:46 – 1:56s), some notes may sound similar to Anu Malik’s Hindustan Hindustan from Border (1997; 1:43-1:52s; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=db85sHLPNhg). Moreover, Jwalamukhi isn’t completely new esp. to those who have heard multiple ARR compositions. Having said that, there is a super rush of energy in the superbly-packaged number! Go get the volcanic eruption and oodles of energy from Poorvi Koutish …you need this after so much of Coronavirus (news) all around L! Don’t forget to welcome and congratulate Poorvi Koutish who is the real star and takes the number to a different level altogether!!

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