Aap yahaan aaye kisliye – Kal Aaj Aur Kal (1971)

Presenting a super-fun song in question-answer, dialogue-laced pattern gleefully sung by *Asha Bhosle* and *Kishore Kumar* set to a lilting tune by the legendary *Shankar-Jaikishan*.

Aap yahaan aaye, Kisliye?
Aapne bulaayaa, Isliye
Aaye hain to kaam bhi bataayiye, Haa haa
Pahle zaraa aap muskuraayiye…

Tere binaa haay, Haan?
Neend nahin aati hai, Really!
Yaad teri aakar, Aahaa
Roz tadpaati hai, Sach much?
Apnaa banaa lo, haath zaraa thaam lo
Waah waah waah
Baar baar poochho naa, Kyaa?
Dil se bhi kaam lo, Kaam to bataao
Kaam seedhaa saadhaa hai, Bolo bolo
Aji lenaa ek waadaa hai, Kyaa?
Aajaa aajaa, Shaadi kaa iraadaa hai, Kyaa, Kyaa
Shaadi kaa iraadaa hai, Shaadi kaa iraadaa hai,

Shaadi? Aur tumse?
Shaadi kaa iraadaa hai, No no no…

The opening mandolin riffs beautifully introduce the voices with a soul-style rhythm and the question-answer style dialogues take over! Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar add their cute somethings as we move to the antara that has some lovely expressions and exclamations from the seasoned singers. As soon the shaadi question breaks, the female protagonist disappears and the number almost ends mid-way! Shankar-Jaikishan then demonstrate their orchestration prowess to re-start the dialogue the other way. The sweet number with the female protagonist putting conditions and making the male protagonist agree on the responsibilities and eventually ends up agreeing to the shaadi! Such a cute number and so much fun!! 🙂

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