Mere naam tu – Zero (December 2018)

Enjoy a breezy song from the upcoming Shah Rukh Khan magnum opus Zero that is definitely worth much more than the movie title suggests! Newcomer Abhay Jodhpurkar with Ajay-Atul and Irshad Kamil do the honours.

Jab tak jahaan mein subah sham hai
Tab tak mere naam tu
Jab tak jahaan mein mera naam hai
Tab tak mere naam tu

The stage is grand …and so is the set-up! With such grandeur surrounding things, the tunesmith duo Ajay-Atul try to make it grand too with their meticulous orchestration! Their romantic and hummable tune though has the old world charm and somewhat ‘hungover’ from their earlier compositions especially Dhadak (July 2018; also read: Like most popular Ajay-Atul numbers, this one too loses pace but not steam as it meanders through the antaras! Newcomer Abhay Jodhpurkar sounds Arijit-ish but perfect and conveys feel elegantly. As always, Irshad Kamil’s words shine and are easy on the lips. The opening flute riffs accompanied with the piano initiate the number beautifully…as good as closing chorus-laden crescendo! Does not draw a blank for sure…and is not Zero!

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