Roz roz aankhon tale – Jeeva (1986)

Film: Jeeva (1986)
Music: RD Burman
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singers: Amit Kumar, Asha Bhosle

Countless forgettable movies in the 1980s had some breathtakingly heartwarming numbers like this one. GulzarRD Burman combination has always presented awesome and appealing compositions through the years…but this one for some reason sounds extra-special! The opening has instant appeal with Asha Bhosle doing what she is best at – singing with a lot of feel. The young Amit Kumar, the illustrious Kishore Kumar’s son, matches Asha in a Kishore-esque manner. Gulzar isn’t far behind with an unbelievable poetic expression in Jab se tumhaare naam ki misri honth lagaayi hai, meetha sa gham hai aur meethi si tanhaayi hai! RD Burman garnishes the tune brilliantly but does not forget to keep the innocence and romance alive! I can only look up searching for him and say, “What a composition sir!” Such a masterpiece…

This song wasn’t too popular when it released. However, like any top-quality composition, it picked-up slowly and music lovers started to take notice! This number is considered as one of RD Burman’s finest compositions ever. Quite surprising that it came in the 1980s that was not considered a good phase for Burman. Although there have been many views on my blog across posts but I am proud to mention that the ‘original chord and lyrics’ post for this number has garnered the maximum number of hits till date! You can find the link here:

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