Ik raasta hai zindagi – Kaala Patthar (1979)

Film: Kaala Patthar (1979)
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi
Singers: Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar

The popular but temperamental Sahir Ludhianvi writes – Ik raasta hai zindagi jo tham gaye to kuchh nahi, yeh kadam kisi muqaam pe jo jam gaye to kuchh nahi. Another line goes – Jaate hue kadmon se aate hue kadmon se bhari rahegi raahguzar jo hum gaye to kuchh nahi. Inspirational lines! Ironically, we have the late Shashi Kapoor lip-synching this one. Kishore Kumar emotes this racy number inimitably to ensure Rajesh Roshan’s breezy composition gets the accolades it deserves. The mukhda has an appealing 2-octave play and Roshan uses his oft-used instrument, the flute, to great effect. Also uses Lata Mangeshkar’s vocals interspersed with some nice female chorus. Very catchy, hummable and inspiring I say.

Abdul Hayee, better known by his pen name Sahir Ludhianvi, had an illustrious career with multiple filmfare awards and a Padma Shri to his name. In March 2013, the ninety-second anniversary of Sahir’s birth, a commemorative stamp was issued in his honour. Some of his memorable work is reflected in numbers and words like Main pal do pal ka shaayar hoon pal do pal meri kahaani hai (Kabhie Kabhie, 1976), Tu hindu banegaa na musalmaan banegaa, insaan ki aulaad hai insaan banegaa (Dhool Ka Phool, 1959), Chalo ik baar phir se ajnabi ban jaayen hum dono (Gumrah, 1963), Ae meri zohra jabeen tujhe maaloom nahi (Waqt, 1965), Abhi naa jaao chhod kar ke dil abhi bharaa nahi (Hum Dono, 1961). What a writer!!

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