Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhin – The Train (1970)

Film: The Train (1970)
Music: RD Burman
Lyrics: Anand Bakshi
Singer: Mohammad Rafi

This racy, catchy and foot-tapping track is as energetic as the name of the movie! This one has the magician, Mohammad Rafi, at his best and leaves a big impression in a short burst of time. He makes you believe that his dil has really become sharaabi and you need to sambhaalo him. RD Burman keeps it simple with fast-paced percussion but also embellishes it with the saxophone that follows the vocals and the accompanying bass throughout but lets Rafi do the rest. One of my all-time favourites!

The immensely talented Rafi could magically take a composition to a different level altogether. He started his film singing career in the mid-40s but his popularity began to fade in the early 1970s when Kishore Kumar took over after the big success of Aradhana (1969) especially Roop tera mastana. Rafi’s untimely/early death at 55 in 1980 left a big void in film music. Maybe one of the reasons many people consider 1980s to be one of the worst decades as far as film music is concerned.

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