Ae zindagi gale lagaa le – Sadma (1983)

Film: Sadma (1983)
Music: Ilaiyaraaja
Lyrics: Gulzar
Singer: Suresh Wadkar

Sampooran Singh Kalra, better known by his pen-name Gulzar, turned from a car painter to a lyricist/filmmaker way back in 1963. His heart-touching words have been set to an appealing composition by Ilaiyaraaja in this re-make of a Tamil film. With lines like ‘Humnein bhi tere har ik gham to gale se lagaaya hai’ and ‘Chhota sa saaya tha, aankhon mein aaya tha, humnein do boondon se mann bhar liya’, this number is a treat to hear every time. The mukhda has some excellent bass and the use of sitar, flute, santoor and tabla in the interludes and the antara brings the song even more alive. To top it all up, classically trained Suresh Wadkar highlights pathos beautifully with his soulful rendition

Interestingly, a couple of Tamil songs from the original film were preserved for the Hindi version except this number that was re-tuned for this movie. I also like the KJ Yesudas sung Surmayee akhiyon mein ( If you are looking for original chords for this number, you can find them here:

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