Sambhaala hai maine bahut apne dil ko – Naaraaz (1994)

Film: Naaraaz (1994)
Music: Anu Malik
Lyrics: Qateel Shifai
Singer: Kumar Sanu

There are some filmmakers who have a keen ear and are quite particular about music in their films – Mahesh Bhatt is one of them. This may not be the best score of those days but this track created quite a flutter! Bhatt’s favourite melody-maker of the 90s – Anu Malik – got the instrumentation just right with the opening piano riff, the santoor, the whistle, tabla, saxophone and little somethings that support the vocals and Qateel Shifai’s beautiful poetry. Kumar Sanu too pours his heart out. Very soulful and appealing number!

When you have words like these from Qateel Shifai, all you do is wonder if there can ever be a replacement to the great Pakistani shaayar …especially in this day and age. Sample this – nazar yun behakne lagi hai ke jaise mere saamne koi jaam aa raha hai or main samjha ki jaise meri dhadkanon ko teri dhadkanon ka payaam aa raha hai. This one’s also from the Anu Malik era of the 90s – after years of ‘struggle’, he had finally ‘arrived’ after the triple success of Baazigar, Sir and Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad Aayee (all 1993). Still distinctly remember how his name was bigger than the Bhatts on the Naaraaz cassette cover. In this number, he borrows from the antara of his own Chura ke dil mera (Main Khiladi Tu Anari; 1994; or the other way round – listen from 2:59 onwards in Chura ke (agar main bataa doon mere dil mein kya hai) and compare with 2:24 onwards in Sambhaala hai (banaaya hai maine tujhe apna saathi) and you’ll know what I am saying

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