Nothing royal about this Prince

Music: Sachin Gupta; Remixes by DJ Suketu feat AKS
Lyrics: Sameer
Singers: Atif Aslam, Garima Jhingon, Shreya Ghoshal, Alisha Chinai, Hard Kaur, Monali Thakur and Sachin Gupta

This Vivek Oberoi-starrer has Sachin Gupta doing the honours. Sachin was the guy behind Doorie (the number that made Bollywood sit up and notice Atif Aslam) besides having composed soundtracks for Dil Kabbadi (2008, remember Zindagi ye safar mein and Ehsaan) and Bolo Ram (2009) apart from composing scores for several popular Indipop artists and Pakistani bands.

O mere Khuda gives a racy opening to the score. The track has Atif Aslam and Garima Jhingon providing the vocals. The tune is simple but uninspiring…and so are the lyrics. This one may attract ears initially but will likely phase out soon.

O mere Khuda (Dance Mix) may find place in some city DJ lists and may end up getting played in discotheques and night clubs. I would rather prefer to sway to the beats of a Punjabi number than to this one.

Tere liye opens with a striking similarity to the anatara of Feroz Khan directed Yalgaar (1992) number Ho jaata hai kaise pyaar na jaane koi where little-known Channi Singh was at the helm of affairs…the antara goes laakh koi soche saari saari raat. Atif uses his vocals well to impart energy to this one with good effect but Shreya is wasted. Again, like O mere Khuda, this one also has nothing fresh to offer.

Tere liye (Dance Mix) has an ‘echo-supported’ Atif voice but I really like Tere liye (Hip Hop Mix) with the dholak beats accompanied by the santoor!

Sachin Gupta himself croons Tere liye (Unplugged) in a very ‘made-up’ voice for reasons best known to him.

Atif  finds himself in an identity crisis in Kaun hoon main.  This one is quite hummable and has a distinct Indipop feel to it…also seems to sway into the composer’s Ehsaan (Dil Kabaddi, 2008) territory.

Kaun hoon main (Dance Mix) is expectedly racier and Atif’s alaaps sound much better in the Lounge Mix version.

Aa bhi jaa sanam is a mellowed down version of O mere Khuda. Uninspiried Sameer goes baahon mein tera chehra hoga, chehre pe mera pehra hoga…face guardian! huh? Atif’s vocals are (yet again!) the only highlight of the number. A lot of responsibility on his young shoulders for this album I feel.

Aa bhi jaa sanam (Dance Mix) is cacophonous in parts.

Jiyara Jiyara starts with Hard Kaur racing with the rap piece. Alisha Chinai’s vocals are completely wasted in the situational and run-of-the-mill number.  My suggestion: Ignore. Jiyara Jiyara (Bhangra Mix) is as useless as the original version.

The talented Monali Thakur with Khwab dekhe and Zara zara touch me (both Race, 2008) under her belt adds an extra dimension and sensuousness to Ishq mein. It is a matter of time before this one climbs the charts. 

Prince (Mega Mix) and  Prince (Theme) are just a medley of all remixes in the album with some special effects to make the vocals sound different. 

Final verdict: Sachin Gupta does not have anything new to offer in Prince. Couple of numbers are hummable…not expected to last long in your minds. Overall, you’ll be better off giving this album a skip.

Songs to look out for: Kaun hoon main, Ishq mein and Tere liye (Hip Hop Mix)

My favourite number: Kaun hoon main

My rating: 4/10

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3 Responses to Nothing royal about this Prince

  1. Munish says:

    Fundu hai bhai!!!


  2. Abhishek says:

    Bang On…..for it’s similarity with Yalgar song (Ho jata hai kaise pyar) in opening verse. This was the first thought that came to my mind when I first heard this one.

    Apart from Atif there is nothing special about the song. I think this would be the first ‘OK’ song of Atif since his inception to Bollywood.

    Doorie…. Yes, is the one of it’s kind but I think Sachin (Gupta) has more ethnic ears as in he can do much better with Live sounds (as in Doorie). In terms of getting best out of Electronic arrangements he is way behind Pritam (he is a magician in this).

    All said and done the sound mixing of Prince is of International standards. 10/10 for this….

    The review is great and … wht is even greater is 4/10… Very appropriate scores (If you can’t do it with Atif, it’s difficult to pull off with other singers)



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