Aao listen karein…at least for now


Music: Ankur Tewari, Xulfi and Mikey McCleary
Lyrics: Ankur Tewari, Xulfi
Singers: Kunal Ganjawala, Xulfi and Sunidhi Chauhan
Music release: 23 October 2009

Ankur Tewari? Who is that? He is a Roorkee-based, guitar-playing lad who wandered to Bhopal and Delhi before moving to Mumbai and composing music for hindi movies like Let’s Enjoy (2004) and Ek Chaalis ki last local (2007).

Ankur “re-uses” self-composed and self-sung Sabse peechhe hum khade from Let’s Enjoy (2004). This time Kunal Ganjawala gets to do the crooning. Perhaps it’s Kunal talking about his plight as a mainstream singer in the hindi film industry. He started with a lot of promise with O humdum suniyo re (one of many singers, Saathiya, 2002) and Bheegey honth tere (Murder, 2004)…continued it a little bit with Salaam namaste, What’s going on (both Salaam namaste, 2005), Maasha-allah, Jaaneman (both Saawariya, 2007), Channa ve ghar aaja (Channa Ve, DJ Anit, 2007). However, he did seem to have lost the plot …one can hear him in ‘one-off’ hits like Dupatta tera nau rang da (Partner, 2007) and Main hoon romeo (Roadside Romeo, 2008). Methinks the talented Sonus, Atifs, Raahats, Mohits et al have edged him out of contention…and he is trying hard to keep himself in the game. Do you agree? Not that he is not talented…he definitely is. You can’t blame it on the actors he sings for, can you? Emraan has done many other movies after Murder. For no particular reason, I fear he might go the Yesudas, Suresh Wadkar and SP Balasubramaniam route…quite talented, but not very successful in the film industry!

Nevertheless, Sabse peeche hum khade is catchy and hummable. Its foot-tapping rhythm has shades of Main koi aisa geet (Yes Boss, 1997) and Kaisi paheli zindagaani (Parineeta, 2005).

Sabse peeche hum khade (reprise) has good use of piano and the chorus.

With Reh jaane do, Call/Xulfi is back! Yes, Call/Xulfi (with an X)…the Pakistani pop band formed in 1994…off and on with band members…to make their presence felt with Laaree chhooti (Ek Chaalis ki last local, 2007), Yeh pal (Aasma, 2009) and Dhadke jiya (Aloo Chaat, 2009). Reh jaane do uses their trademark acoustic guitar rhythm to good effect. But you can’t deny the repetitive nature of sounds in all Xulfi numbers…including this one. The vocalist (Xulfi…Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan?) demonstrates fine singing ability in a wide range of notes.

So far, this score gives me a light, good and youthful band feel…

Tum mere ho is a slow-paced ballad with Kunal and Sunidhi Chauhan doing the honours. Seems like a laid-back, naturally-flowing tune that wanders without impressing you too much.

Xulfi comes back with Kuchh aisa …the guitar riff is bound to impress you…I was impressed for sure. Nice one this, you’ll like to press the play button again! One minor observation: Xulfi should guard against the sound of breath entering the microphone. I could not find anything sad about Kuchh aisa (sad version) …it’s just shorter (if that is considered equivalent of being ‘sad’).

Sunidhi questions Kunal’s status…says Sabse peeche kyon khade? This one does not sound as ‘musical’ as Kunal’s version…may be due to the accompanying orchestra and the remix-style beats added to it.

Sab yahaan hai clearly has elements of a couple of popular ‘already-heard-somewhere’ symphonies. This one is intended to be a racy, fun track. In my opinion, it is avoidable.

Songs to look out for: Sabse peechhe hum khade, Reh jaane do and Kuchh aisa

My favourite number: Sabse peechhe hum khade

Final verdict: Fine score…has a distinct ‘band’ feel to it – with acoustic guitar chords standing out. Some numbers are quite hummable…but that’s it. How many of these numbers would I remember after 3-4 weeks? Not even one! You may argue that this is true for every other album now-a-days…I agree. But I can only comment on Aao wish karein now.

Aao listen karein…at least for now.

My rating: 6/10

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